Speaker: Worship Associate Isabel Call

Storytelling Our Way to the Promised Land

Please join Bill Blakely and Isabel Call as we dive into parables from the Gospel of Luke. Does a story have to be factually accurate to be true? As Unitarian Universalists, how do Jesus’ stories help us unlearn Empire and dream the Beloved Community into being? Come listen to some stories, swim in the questions, and celebrate with music from Joyful Noise, Half Dozen of the Other, and pianist Geoff Ullerich. Let us worship together! There is Children’s Chapel today. 

Sanatana Dharma: The Eternal Way

Sanatana Dharma: The Eternal Way

Hinduism is among the oldest of the world’s religions and it has profoundly shaped our liberal religious movement. Please join Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, Worship Associate Isabel Call, and Musicians Renee Witon, Geoff Ullerich, and Richard Bruehl as we celebrate and contemplate our important relationship with this ancient wisdom tradition. There is Children’s Chapel today.

Unitarian Universalist Islam

“Come, come, whoever you are, wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving, ours is no caravan of despair! Even if you’ve broken your vows a thousand times, come, yet again come!” These words of the Sultan of Love, Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmī, frequently resound in our liberal churches on Sunday mornings. What might it mean for Unitarian Universalism to truly encounter the Islamic wisdom tradition? Join me, Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, Worship Associate Isabel Call, Pianist Renee Winton, Church Musician Stefan Schneider, and the choir, as we explore this question. This is a Time For All Ages service.

Let us Break Bread Together, Worship at 9:20 and 11:20

As we break bread together so too do our hearts break open to the painful realities and abundant blessings of life. Join us in our annual bread communion service as we give thanks for the fruit of the earth and the radical interconnectedness of all existence of which we are a part. This is a Multigenerational Service and Crescendo Choir will sing.

“Called to Love,” Two Worship Services, 9:20 and 11:20

“Called to Love”, is our 2017 stewardship theme. Our Stewardship Kickoff Sunday coincides with a call out form Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism to organize a teach-in to further examine our relationships to white supremacy. Is there a spiritual connection between stewardship and white supremacy? If so, what is it? From a place of love and generosity are you ready to support our stewardship campaign? How does your love call you to engage the struggles that are bond together in the phrase “white supremacy”?  Please show up for worship and join Pastor Jacqueline, Rev. Mary Foran, Worship Associate Isabel Call and members of our Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Team, and members of our Stewardship Campaign Team as we kickoff our stewardship campaign and spiritually explore the relationships between stewardship and dismantling systems and practices of oppression. Inspirational music will be provided by Joyful Noise and Crescendo Choir.  Whoever you are, where ever you come from, you are welcome to worship with us. See you Sunday.