Seeking Greeters and Ushers for Sunday Services

Please help in welcoming people to our church!
We are looking for 2 greeters and 2 ushers for our Sunday services:

Greeters help us welcome people to church as they arrive for Sunday service.  Greeting is a great way to meet newcomers and reconnect with your … read more.

Exciting and Immediate Service Opportunity

Our video/Zoom guru, Vincent Raines, left us at the end of March. We want to thank him for his great work in building and operating our wonderful system. We now need some people to fill this void. We need several volunteers to be the operator … read more.

Volunteers needed to help with RE programs

Classroom co-teachers for age groups 6-10 and 11-16
Shopper (help by buying supplies when needed)
Greet and meet families before and after Sunday service
Youth Program adult (25+) facilitator



Seeking Hosts for Newcomer Orientations after Sunday Services

Please help to welcome newcomers to our congregation! We are resuming our short orientations for newcomers in the church sanctuary immediately following Sunday services. The host meets with interested newcomers and congregants in front of the pulpit, to do introductions, help people get … read more.

Seeking Ushers for Sunday Services

Please help to make our Sunday services go smoothly by volunteering to usher!  Ushers help congregants get seated, give directions, and answer questions beforehand, then collect the offering and assist with the service as needed.

Click here for details of what is involved.

For … read more.

Seeking Greeters & Checkers for Sunday Services

Please help us welcome people to church as they arrive for Sunday service!  Greeting is a great way to meet newcomers and reconnect with your fellow congregants, and is an important part of our being a welcoming congregation. With Covid, we are greeting people outside … read more.

Do You Have a Few Minutes? We Need your Help!

There is an immediate need for some short-term (as well as longer term) volunteer work in the Church office. MSC19 (our fabulous search committee) has requested support in ensuring that our website and print communications puts our best face forward. While we have been continually … read more.

Sign up to help on a Sunday morning!

Our church has a new tool for volunteering on Sunday mornings — called Signup Genius.  The various opportunities to help for the service & social hour — greeting, ushering, providing snacks, monthly pot luck, etc. — are all gathered together in one “Sunday Hospitality” topic … read more.

Please help greet on a Sunday morning

UU Oakland members & friends–
Would you help greet at church for a Sunday? We need more people at the welcome table before Sunday service. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow church members, and to make a real difference with visitors … read more.

Snacks Needed for Hospitality Hour

We love to welcome people to our church after services with coffee and snacks. If you have not yet done the ministry of bringing in snacks for hospitality hour, please sign up to bring in a snack of your choice! Email Margaret Woodside.

Click … read more.

Greet with us on Sundays

Can you help us ensure that all folks who come to our church feel welcomed?

We are looking for 2-3 greeters for each service; you can sign up for a regular gig or choose times that work for your busy and varied schedule: all welcomes are … read more.

Youth Advisors Needed

Our church’s High School Youth Group expressed interest in developing their focus on community and service work. We started in November but need a team of adults to share the schedule in order to help keep the meetings consistent. Candidates must be interested in helping … read more.

Your Art Skills Needed!

We’re looking for a graphics person to help create some fabulous posters and mailings for this years’ stewardship campaign.

Donate Healthy Snacks for our Church Neighborhood Children

Bring healthy snacks and beverages to Church for the 3-5th graders at Lafayette/Martin Luther King Elementary School that we tutor/mentor through Boost! West Oakland.

Tutor and mentor neighborhood children

Twenty-four 3-5th grade students at Lafayette/Martin Luther King Elementary School are on the wait list to receive a tutor/mentor. This is an amazing opportunity for you to create a nurturing and stimulating relationship with a child from our church neighborhood.

Crescendo Choir is seeking singers

Do you love to sing? Then you will love being a member of the Crescendo Choir! This is the best time of year to start as we are just beginning to learn new music. All levels, all ranges welcome, especially those who sing on key. … read more.