Speaker: Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Team


In the words of Ruth Wilson Gilmore, “Abolition is about presence, not absence. It’s about building life-affirming institutions.” This Sunday we will address what abolition means to us as UUs and how we might embrace change in our moment of history. 

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“Called to Love,” Two Worship Services, 9:20 and 11:20

“Called to Love”, is our 2017 stewardship theme. Our Stewardship Kickoff Sunday coincides with a call out form Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism to organize a teach-in to further examine our relationships to white supremacy. Is there a spiritual connection between stewardship and white supremacy? If so, what is it? From a place of love and generosity are you ready to support our stewardship campaign? How does your love call you to engage the struggles that are bond together in the phrase “white supremacy”?  Please show up for worship and join Pastor Jacqueline, Rev. Mary Foran, Worship Associate Isabel Call and members of our Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Team, and members of our Stewardship Campaign Team as we kickoff our stewardship campaign and spiritually explore the relationships between stewardship and dismantling systems and practices of oppression. Inspirational music will be provided by Joyful Noise and Crescendo Choir.  Whoever you are, where ever you come from, you are welcome to worship with us. See you Sunday.

“Faith? White Supremacy? Honoring the Journey In Between”

“Faith? White Supremacy? Honoring the Journey In Between” – First Unitarian Church of Oakland joins congregations across the country in identifying soul killing patterns that unconsciously perpetuate white supremacy. These patterns oppress us all; when we stop them, a holy moment happens and a new way emerges. Welcome guest preacher, Rev. Sonya Sukalski, Worship Associate, Lynn Gallogly, members of our Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Team, vocalist Susan Keiter and Barbara North (First Service), Crescendo Choir (Second Service) and Joyful Noise as we examine unconscious patterns and learn ways to disrupt them and live faith-filled lives. A child dedication ritual will also bless our thirsty souls in the second service. All are welcome and all are worthy. This is a Time for All Ages Service.