The Doctrine of Illumination

In studying religion, one discovers a multitude of theologies, doctrines, and dogmas that have profoundly impacted humanity. At times, they’ve been the sources of schisms and bloodshed. At other times, they’ve spread love and justice in the world. This Sunday, we will consider a liberal religious doctrine that stands out as one of the most important and controversial theological doctrines ever articulated. Please join me, Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, Worship Associate Amy Carlson, Pianist Renee Winton, and Joyful Noise, as we consider the potential of liberal religious doctrine to transform ourselves and our world. There will be Children’s Chapel today.

An Invitation to Re-Imagine

From the moment we are born, we begin to learn many things about the world we live in. Sometimes we absorb information of our surroundings naturally, on our own; other times we are taught things to believe as fact, as the gospel. We grow into adults, settle into our truths, and many of us never question the foundational teachings that shaped viewpoint or perspective. Please join E.N. Hill and Courtney Liebi, Worship Associate Dick Bailey, and Church Musicians Geoff Ullerich and Stefan Schneider in this invitation to re-imagine certain stories that have become our truths, a gentle encouragement for us to take active roles in opening new possibilities for the narration of our lives. This is a “Time for All Ages” Service.