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From Lakshmi to Fortuna: Faith & Prosperity

Is money the only determinant of prosperity? Please join Pastor Jacqueline and musical trio of Susan Keiter, Joci Kelleher and Sarah Watts, along with Joyful Noise & pianist Geoff Ullerich, as we explore what faith traditions and spiritual paths have to offer us about living a prosperous life. During worship there will be an activity for all ages, especially our children and youth to reflect on stewardship. Stewardship testimonials will be offered by Jane and Gary Facente. Please join us at 9:20 & 11:20. It is good, just and sacred to be together.         


Día De Los Muertos – A Celebration of our Ancestors

Rev. Sheri and Worship Associate Dick Bailey will lead our community through a celebration of Day of the Dead. Our children and youth are with us for the entire worship service. Music will be offered by Geoff Ullerich. You are invited to bring your pictures of loved ones who have died and mementos to add to our community altar. Bring your neighbor and join in celebrating those who are now our ancestors. The Fitzhugh Family will offer a stewardship testimonial. We will also have a Halloween Costume Parade in the service and a Carnival at 12:45, so if the spirit moves you, come in costume!