Everyone needs some extra loving support sometimes. Perhaps you are experiencing a career transition, the loss of a job, the birth or adoption of a new baby, the declining health of a parent, the death of a loved one, a challenge in parenting or life-partnership, a prolonged illness or surgery, a spiritual crisis, or some other significant life experience. We are fortunate to be able to offer support and assistance to those in need through both professional and trained lay leaders: our Ministers, Chaplains, and Pastoral Associates.

Who are the Pastoral Associates?
The Pastoral Associates (PAs) are lay members of the church who offer confidential, practical and emotional support and spiritual companioning to fellow church members in need. They receive ongoing training and work in conjunction with the professional ministers.

Pastoral Associates: Judith Hunt, John Kelly, Scott Magness, Daphne Parson, Evelyn Sheridan, John Shinnick, Annette Williams, and Carol Wood.

How can a Pastoral Associate help me?
PAs are available to talk to you over the phone or in person. They can be present during a difficult time, provide an opportunity to talk and be heard, offer empathy, emotional and spiritual support, refer you to other sources of support or help, arrange for meals, transportation or other practical assistance. If you are in need of some support from your church community, please contact the church office to be connected with the Pastoral Associates Coordinator or send an email to pastoralcare@uuoakland.org.

How can I be of service?
If you would like to serve as a Pastoral Associate or can provide one-time visits, meals, shopping, transportation or other practical support to another church member, please email Pastoral Associates Coordinator at pastoralcare@uuoakland.org.