Our Children and Family Ministries programs include:

  • Sunday children programs
    • Chalice Children (pre-K & K)     • Club UU (6th-9th)
    • Spirit Art & Games (1st-5th)      • Youth Group (10th-12th)
  • Other children & youth programs
    • Programs – Coming of Age, Our Whole Lives
    • Summer Chalice Camp
  • Adult Spiritual Development
    • Interest groups – poetry, meditation, book discussion, etc.
    • Occasional workshops & programs
  • Periodic church events
    • Church picnics & lunches
    • Church retreats

The best way to know if this is the right spiritual home for your family is to dive right in. Come to church often, make Sunday mornings a part of your family’s weekly rhythm, talk about the spiritual themes from church with your child, and see how the members of your family grow and deepen spiritually.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions, concerns or pastoral needs.

Questions about Family Ministry? Contact Jeffrey Melcher, Director of Religious Education, at familyministry@uuoakland.org

Our Children and Family Ministries Program Nurtures:


When you become part of our church community, your family is embraced in a web of relationships among people of many ages. Your kids become known and loved by others who share your family’s values.
Photo: Community Retreat


The gift of faith is one of the greatest treasures you can give your child. Who can I turn to in times of need? What is my purpose in life? How do I make a difference in this world? Where can I find hope? Religious community helps people of all ages answer these questions.
Photo: Coming of Age Program Service Project – mentors and youth clean and paint Old Town Oakland trash cans


In these challenging times, children and youth need to know they are part of a group of people larger than themselves working to make the world more just, compassionate, and sustainable. Participating as a family in our congregation’s justice work helps children know that they are not alone in their care and concern for the future.
Photo: MLK March in Downtown Oakland