Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae

Our Divine Covenants

We live in a world of covenants—both temporal and divine. Some are not honored, while others stand the great test of time. These sacred agreements are central to liberal religious identity and the promises we make to each other.  How might covenant help us to navigate a world of so much brokenness and invite new possibilities for restoration, healing, and wholeness? Please join Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, Worship Associate Elle Parks, Musicians Stefan Schneider, Geoff Ullerich, and Half Dozen of the Other for transformative worship this Sunday! This is a Time For All Ages Service.

Lunar New Year Celebration!

Join us for a service and ritual honoring the Lunar New Year, one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. We will reflect together on some of the common themes of the holiday as it is celebrated in our Bay Area communities: family togetherness, unity, wholeness, and renewal. Join Daisy Quan, Wes Radez, Claudine Tong, the Chancel Choir and Joyful Noise for this Multigenerational Service.

Unitarian Universalist Islam

“Come, come, whoever you are, wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving, ours is no caravan of despair! Even if you’ve broken your vows a thousand times, come, yet again come!” These words of the Sultan of Love, Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmī, frequently resound in our liberal churches on Sunday mornings. What might it mean for Unitarian Universalism to truly encounter the Islamic wisdom tradition? Join me, Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, Worship Associate Isabel Call, Pianist Renee Winton, Church Musician Stefan Schneider, and the choir, as we explore this question. This is a Time For All Ages service.

The Doctrine of Illumination

In studying religion, one discovers a multitude of theologies, doctrines, and dogmas that have profoundly impacted humanity. At times, they’ve been the sources of schisms and bloodshed. At other times, they’ve spread love and justice in the world. This Sunday, we will consider a liberal religious doctrine that stands out as one of the most important and controversial theological doctrines ever articulated. Please join me, Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, Worship Associate Amy Carlson, Pianist Renee Winton, and Joyful Noise, as we consider the potential of liberal religious doctrine to transform ourselves and our world. There will be Children’s Chapel today.

The Radical God of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Facing fire hoses, police batons, and attack dogs, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. carved out a radical path of faith that inspires and challenges us in our spiritual lives. The true legacy of Dr. King, however, has been whitewashed by the very forces he was seeking to overcome. Please join Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, members of the Justice Council, the Joyful Noise Band, musicians Geoff Ullerich, Suzanne Falter, and Susan Keiter this Sunday as we honor this great teacher and explore the revolutionary ideals, theology, and beloved community for which he lived and died. There will be a Children’s Chapel today.

“Holy Holy Thou Art”, December 24 – Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, 8:00PM

There are many sacred stories about the spiritual nature of humanity that loom large in our souls during the month of December. Members, friends, and allies please bring your loved ones and join Pastor Jacqueline, Rev. Sheri and Sabbatical Minister Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae for an evening of story telling and sacred quiet. Let us be reminded of who we are as people of faith and fire our spirit for where we are going. On one of the most cherished nights of our lunar calendar, Crescendo Choir under the direction of Anna Lichtenberg will inspire us. Our choir will be joined by guest soprano Natalie John. Come and allow your being to be lifted and transformed by the magical warm glow of candlelight and community. All people and all faith traditions are welcomed. Please bring yummy treats to share during hospitality hour following the service.