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“Sharing Journeys Faith-Full-Ly”

Sunday – June 18, 2017. “Sharing Journeys Faith-Full-Ly”.  One worship service at 10:20 AM. There are many metaphors that attempt to describe our journeys as people of faith. One metaphor that speaks to me was coined by the late Rev. Forrest Church; Unitarian Universalist minister, author and theologian (Sept. 23, 1948 to Sept. 24 2009). Rev. Church pictured Unitarian Universalism as the many windows of a cathedral, coloring the same light in different patterns. What patterns and colors does your spark of the divine bring to Unitarian Universalism?  Please join Worship Associate Sarah Watts, Rev. Sheri and Rev. Jacqueline as we imagine ourselves as cathedrals of lights shining forth to heal and transform a hungry and hurting world. In this service we will recognize and celebrate our youth who are Bridging to young adulthood. There is much to hold, Father’s Day, Juneteenth and Summer Solstice. Members, friends and allies, come, let us worship and celebrate our diverse journeys. This is a multi-generational worship service; our children and youth will worship with us for our entire worship time.                    

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Our Chosen Faith

Sunday – June 11, 2017. “Our Chosen Faith.” One service at 10:20 AM

Rev. Forrest Church, Unitarian Universalist minister, author and theologian (Sept. 23, 1948 to Sept. 24, 2009) stated, “For most of us, our faith did not choose us, we choose it.” Does this statement resonate with you? Did you choose Unitarian Universalism or did Unitarian Universalism choose you? Please join Worship Associate Jeanne Rana, Rev. Sheri and Rev. Jacqueline as we explore some of the choices we have made to be people of faith. In this service we will formally ingather/covenant with new members; curious beings who have chosen Unitarian Universalism as their faith tradition. We will also celebrate a journey of faith that has resulted in retiring our mortgage debt on our historic building and church home. Members, friends and allies come, let us worship and celebrate together. Our children and youth will be with us for the first 20 minutes of our worship service.

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Flower Communion

One of our most cherished and festive Sundays of the year. Bring a flower to church to help make a symbolic representation of the beautiful diversity of our congregation and the many faith-filled acts we make possible together. On this day, we also say goodbye to our choir director, Trente Morant, and bless as he goes on to what is next. Crescendo Choir will sing Psalms 131 and 133 from Chichester Psalms by Leonard Bernstein and Dialogue by Trente Morant. One service only at 10:20. This is an intergenerational service and our children will be worshipping with us for the whole hour. Nursery care is available for children 5 and under.