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“Holy Lessons from OUR Mysterious Skies”, Worship at 9:20 and 11:20

“Holy Lessons from OUR Mysterious Skies” Yes there is a divine mysterious nature to our shared cosmos.The holy appears in the humblest of places. Do you feel the “holy” in our cosmos? Do you see  the “holy” everywhere? Please join Pastor Jacqueline, Worship Associates Kem Tetlow and Alessandro Gagliardi and Rev Sheri, as we grapple … Continued

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“The Path to Choose”

We welcome this year’s Balazs Scholar Rev. Emese Bodor as our guest preacher. Rev. Bodor’s topic, The Path to Choose. A short journey from Jesus’s world and words through daily Transylvanian life and reality. How do we make our decisions and commitments? Let us come together and celebrate the roots of our Unitarian Universalist heritage and the arrival of Advent. Worship Associate Amanda Smith, Pastor Jacqueline and Crescendo Choir will help us usher in the beauty and sacredness of this season. Joyful Noise will provide acoustic praise and worship prelude to open our hearts to our spiritual journeys. Please join us! All are welcome! This is a Time For All Ages Service.

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Accidental Saints: Revealing the Holy in Ourselves and Our Lives, Worship at 9:20 and 11:20

Accidental Saints: Revealing the Holy in Ourselves and Our Lives. Revelation is a word often associated with religious thought, particularly the wrath of the end times in the Christian scriptures. However, Revelation can be and is experienced as sacred moments and acts that reveal the holy to ourselves, sometimes through ourselves.

In Nadia Bolz Weber’s book “Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People” she describes her process of discovering the truth of God in everyday people, events, and circumstances. How do we experience revelation in our lives? How is the holy and the divine revealed to us in our struggles, imperfections, and wounds? How can we welcome the Holy into our lives through welcoming Blessed Revelation? Please join guest preacher Amanda Weatherspoon as we explore the gnarly spiritual landscape of revelation and recognizing the holy.Half a Dozen of the Other and pianist Geoff Ullerich and Joyful Noise will illuminate our spiritual journey with music. Come let us be together. There is Children’s Chapel today