We welcome you to join our beloved community. We hope you have found your spiritual home here and you will choose to become a member and journey with us.

Becoming a Member

Come in, you and your heart and know that you are home.

Becoming a member of the First Unitarian Church of Oakland means that you are committed to the principles, values and life attitudes that Unitarian Universalism embraces. It is a public declaration that you stand with a group of people who have a liberal religious view. It is a commitment to support and encourage one’s own and others’ efforts to grow spiritually and to support the congregation’s mission and vision in the wider world.

As a member of this congregation, you will be expected to become actively involved in the life of the congregation and its ministries. All members are asked to reflect on their life circumstances, their spiritual goals and to make a serious commitment to serving the mission and purpose of the church.

Expectations of Membership

Worship and the Celebration of Life
The heart of our path together is in our worship. We ask members attend Sunday service regularly.

Spiritual Growth
We encourage you to develop your spiritual life and make meaningful connections through engaging in religious education programs, covenant groups, and regular spiritual practice such as singing, movement, meditation, prayer, contemplation and/or spiritually grounded justice work.

Shared Ministry
Service is an intrinsic part of our work together. Members are encouraged to choose a ministry of the congregation to serve others within the church, our broader communities, or through our justice ministries.

To support the mission and vision of the church, members are expected to work toward a financial pledge of 5% of household income to sustained and grow the congregation and our work in the community.

Living Our Faith
Members live out UU principles in our daily lives and in our responsibilities to vote and participate in congregational life. Members participate in growing our beloved community by expanding the welcome table and deepening our commitments to countering oppressions as a multiracial, multicultural, multigenerational congregation. Members are also held by our congregation’s covenant. As in all human communities, members at times fall short of our highest aspirations and we practice direct communication and forgiveness to begin again in love.

Sharing the Vision
Members share the experience, excitement, and fulfillment that they find here with others who might also find a spiritual home here.

Next Steps

While you are welcome to join the congregation at any time, you are also invited to take whatever time you need to discern whether First Unitarian Church of Oakland is your spiritual home.

Preparing for Membership

  • Spend some time getting to know others here, attending worship, and reflecting within yourself about what it will mean to you to commit to being a member of this church. How will you want to make the mission and goals of this church real? How might you want to invest your won gifts of time, talent and treasure to support our mission? Does the First Unitarian Church of Oakland feel like your spiritual home?
  • Attend an Orientation to Membership. They happen on the 4th Sundays in the Starr King Room from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm.

How to Join

  • Sign the membership book. It is available on the 4th Sundays. Your signature must be witnessed by someone from the clergy and another member of the church.
  • Participate in a formal welcoming Ingathering Ceremony. Ingathering are a part of the services twice a year. There are special words of welcome and a covenanting with the congregation. New members receive a chalice pin and their “member” nametag.
  • As a member of the church you have the right to vote at all congregational meetings and elections. And, if you wish, can be nominated and elected to serve on any standing committee. Only members are counted by our denomination in its annual survey. Non-members are welcome to participate in many areas of church life but membership allows us to “stand and be counted” as a liberal religious body so that we may have more influence in making real the values and vision we have for ourselves and the world around us.