Speaker: Crescendo Choir

The DIY Punk Scene and Unitarian Universalism

Join us this weekend for a service with Starr King School for the Ministry student Derrick Mustelier as we continue the exploration of active faith and engaged generosity. Derrick will be including reflections on the DIY punk scene and how they resonate with our choices to be active in a Unitarian Universalist congregation, such as this one. Worship associate: Tara Miller, with Crescendo Choir bringing their gift of music.

“I Sing The Body Electric”, Choir Music Sunday – June 2, Worship at 10:20

“I Sing The Body Electric!” All are invited to celebrate the transformative power of music that is central to the worship life of First Unitarian Church of Oakland.  Join, Worship Associate Debby Kaplan, Rev. Sheri, Pastor Jacqueline, Joyful Noise and Crescendo Choir for our annual  … read more.