“Skin In the Game Kind of LOVE”, Sunday June 16th. Worship at 10:20

“Skin In the Game Kind of Love”  –  Unitarian Universalism encourages us to believe that love is the “spirit” and love is the “doctrine of our faith communities.”  How do we allow LOVE to reveal the BEST of who we are and place us on a path of being powerful loving Spirit Beings? How do we embody these beings especially in the midst of living through cycles of letting go and inviting in. Maybe, the amount of LOVE we freely give is connected to how much “skin” we have “in the game” of love. Please join members, friends and allies of First Unitarian Church of Oakland as together, we explore how to activate our deep love and respect. This worship service will also bless and release Pastor Jacqueline into retirement. All are welcome. This is a multi-generational service.