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Many, Many Thanks – We Are Almost There!

Thanks to all of you who have pledged!

We are now at $390,000 or 90% toward our goal of $435,000 for Stewardship 2019!

We are poised to submit a 2019 budget any day, and we are asking you to submit your pledge by the end of next week, Friday, January 18.

You can pledge or increase your pledge by 5% by:
• Making your pledge on the FUCO home page. Just scroll down to the button, “Pledge Today” with the chalice graphic and green backgorund.
• Or you can send an email with the information to

As always, your generous donation will help our shared ministries within and outside our walls including music, worship, children, and adult faith development, Boost! West Oakland, and our partnership with the Ella Baker Center to name a few! Also, we want to offer a financial package that will attract the very best ministerial candidates possible!

Looking Toward the 2020 Stewardship Campaign
Want to give back but limited in time?
Do you enjoy working with a small group of people?
Do you have ideas for a theme for the 2020 stewardship campaign?

Drop by our Stewardship display at the “Every Member Ministry Volunteer Fair” on Sunday, January 20th following worship, so we can chat or set up a future time to meet!
Here are some opportunities to in service:
• Writing blurbs and copy editing
• Designing a brochure, flyers, and posters
• Outreach to fellow congregants
• Event planning

In faith and gratitude, your Stewardship 2019 Team!

About Stewardship 2019

A Time of Transition and Great Promise

This is a time of transition and great promise for our church. We are treasuring this last church year with our beloved Pastor Jacqueline. At the same time, we are undertaking the search for a new minister who will join us in the Fall of 2019.

Ministerial candidates will be attracted to the many features of our vibrant church life, such as our shared ministry, our rich music and educational programs, our history of social justice advocacy and our radical inclusivity. They will take note of our recent recognition from the UUA as a Breakthrough Congregation and for the past two years, we have paid our Fair Share dues to the UUA!

Where Our Pledges Go
Our 2019 Stewardship campaign brings us to our 150-year anniversary as a liberal institution in Oakland. We are called upon to discern how our pledges sustain us through joy and woe. It is our hope that our pledges will fire up our vision as a spiritually alive, radically inclusive, and justice centered church community.

At this transformational juncture for our church community and nation, we are asking our pledging members, friends, and allies to increase their amount by a minimum of 5%. This increase will deepen and strengthen the many strands that weave together our beloved community and public witness.

For the fiscal year 2018, the amount of the entire church budget from pledges was $415,000. For this coming year, 5% more would bring us up to $435,500.

Nurturing a Vibrant, Relevant, and Engaged Church

An essential characteristic of who we are as a church community is our belief in our responsibilities to co-create a world that is anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and inclusive.
We are committed to learning about the impacts of white supremacy and our individual roles in sustaining systematic oppression.

With your generous contribution we aspire to:

• Grow our public witness by increasing engagement by 25 % (at least 50 more people)

• Invite fifteen paid diverse and dynamic preachers and/or musicians to our pulpit this year

• Establish a reasonable budget for all of our Justice Ministries

• Provide all staff a living wage that sustains life in the Bay Area

• Expand the menu of Faith development programs

• Provide an attractive compensation package for a prospective minister

• Fortify and preserve our splendid historical building

• Provide scholarships to lay ministers to attend the General Assembly and other conferences

• Establish professional development funds for all paid staff

For more information please us at: