Speaker: Jeanne Rana

Still Small Voice

There is a voice, “still and small,” the hymn says, “deep inside all.” It may fade at times, but it does not vanish. How to encourage the willingness to listen? How to distinguish the helpful from the not so helpful promptings? Through stories and songs, long time Oakland members, Reverend Mary Foran and Worship Associate Jeanne Rana will explore attending to the presence of Spirit in our lives.

Visions of the One Beloved

Murshid Kiran Rana and UU Oakland member Jeanne Rana will offer an informal Sufi Universal worship service. The subject for the service is Visions of the One Beloved. There will be readings from six of the world’s faith traditions, a musical zikr and short reflections. In the tradition of Sufi Inayat Khan we will light the chalice for the unity of all religions. Come, come, whoever you are….

Signed My Life Away

 When do we sign our names on the dotted line and what are we committing to? Let us come together as a beloved community to explore what/who we serve and what/who we are committed to. In worship we will also remember our veterans.  Join, Pastor Jacqueline, Worship Associate Jeanne Rana, Board of Trustees member Janet MacFarland, Pianist Geoff Ullerich, Jazz Pianist Richard Bruehl, and Joyful Noise as we come together to transform our lives and therefore build the world we long for. Please bring your friends.There will be Children’s Chapel in the Starr King Room and then Spirit Art & Games.