RISE-UP for Climate Justice: Sunday-April 14, Worship at 10:20

RISE-UP for Climate Justice”. What do our children, economic equality and racial justice have to do with climate change?All are welcome for worship as we explore the intersections of various oppressions and the deadly impacts of global warming. Kristen Tam a member of Youth vs. Apocalypse and Mukla Kelkar from Bay Area Sunrise Movement will offer personal reflections.  Mukla Kelkar will share a perspective on the Green New Deal. Together we can make transformative differences for all of humanity and our precious earth. Together let us RISE-UP for Climate Justice. This is a time for All Ages. Music will be offered by Joyful Noise Band led by Stefan Schneider, Geoff Ullerich on piano and the UUOakland Pop up Choir led by Susan Keiter. Let us be together!