Laying Down the Weight of the World

Almost anyone you know is carrying multiple complexities during this time, including you. You worry about safety, health, sustenance, and connection. You worry about the people you love, both far and near.

What are our sources of strength, both as a community and as individuals? How does the time we’re going through, including adaptations and experiments, match with our core purpose?

Stay tuned for a video link. The video link will be on YouTube and be posted to the congregation’s Facebook page.

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Additional opportunities to connect:

10:20 Facebook live: Embracing meditation
11:30 Coffee Hour

10:00 Children’s Chapel with Rev. Sheri Livestreamed on Zoom

10:20 Embracing Meditation with Pastor Theresa on Facebook Live

10:30-11:30 Club UU (6th – 9th grade) with Maya Ibrahim-Bartley
on Zoom

11:30 Fellowship Hour on Zoom

12:00-1:00 High School Youth group with Amy Carlson and the youth advisor team on Zoom