The Board of Trustees serves the congregation by establishing broad policies for the governance of the church and acting as guardian of its organizational, spiritual, and financial health.  Its members are elected annually in March, and typically serve a three year term.

The Board meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday at 7:00 pm, with some adjustments for holidays. All church members are welcome to attend. Please consult the church calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

The entire Board can be contacted by emailing  Individual Board officers can be reached at their addresses listed below.

Current Board of Trustees Members

  • Steve Thomasberger     (2018 – 2021 Term)
  • Alanna Kelly                   (2020 – 2023 Term**)
  • Meri Lane                      (2020 – 2023 Term**)
  • Debbie Kaplan               (Sep’20 – 2022 Term***)
  • Emily Stoper                  (Sep’20 – 2021 Term***)
  • (vacant)                         (2020 – 2021 Term) — Youth Member

** Alanna, Kathy and Meri are were appointed by the Board in March 2020, then elected at the Sep. 2020 Annual Meeting.
*** Debbie was elected to a vacant 2019–2022 term, and Emily to a vacant 2018–2021 term, at the Sep. 2020 Annual Meeting.

Openings on the Board of Trustees

Please contact the Board President for more information.