Board of Trustees

The Board serves the congregation by establishing broad policies for the governance of the church and acting as guardian of its organizational, spiritual, and financial health. Its members are elected annually in March.

The Board meets regularly at 7:00 pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month. The meetings are generally held in the Starr King Room; all church members are welcome to attend. The members of the Board of Trustees can be contacted at

Current Board of Trustees Members

  • Kris Wedding Crowell, President (2014 – 2017 Term)
  • Laurel Egenberger, Vice President (2015 – 2018 Term)
  • Lisa Rosene, Treasurer (2015 – 2018 Term)
  • Emily Stoper, Secretary (2014 – 2017 Term)
  • Micheas Herman (2014 – 2017 Term)
  • B Avalon (2015 – 2018 Term)
  • Kenji Oshima (2015 – 2018 Term)
  • Michael Fitzhugh (2016 – 2019 Term)
  • Janet McFarland (2016 – 2019 Term)
  • Claudine Tong (2016 – 2019 Term)
  • Suzanne Van Houten (2016 – 2019 Term)

Executive Team

The Executive Team works towards the ends and within the limitations established by the Board of Trustees. They are responsible for the day to day operations of the church and oversee the various ministries/programs of the church. The executive team consists of Bill Blakely and Bob Crowe (Finance), Linda Hodges (Programs and Finance), and Linda Propert Sanford (Programs).

The members of the Executive Team can be contacted at