Week of 1/24/19 New Events & Info

Program Council – First Meeting, 12 PM-1:30 PM, Arts & Crafts Room

It’s time, as we prepare to welcome a new minister, to re-energize our programs and enhance the collaboration between them by establishing a Program Council. We will meet together for the first time and learn about the role of a Program Council in a new governance structure. We will also talk about our experiences and challenges in leading programs, and how programs can be supported.Questions? Contact Steve Thomasberger stevetb@earthlink.net


Sunday Community Potluck – Jan. 27, Wendte Hall, After Worship. Come to our monthly potluck this Sunday.  Bring food to serve 6, store bought or freshly made.  Leave dish before worship with the volunteers; specify instructions.  This potluck coincides with our celebration of the Lunar New Year, so look for a special display and dishes by some of our members. Make the upcoming potluck extra special, consider bringing a New Year favorite. For recipe examples, The Woks of Life blog:https://thewoksoflife.com/2018/02/chinese-new-year-menu-for-all-skill-levels/