Welcome to Shine Season–and praying for peace

This Sunday, we will be kicking off shine month with a short practice service that includes a live stream and zoom access. Please bring a candle or light to use when we pray for Ukraine.

Recently, Stefan Schneider, choir co-director and facilities manager told a story about Shine Week in the Navy, when it’s time to clean and polish and get ready for action. As a congregation, we are entering a shine season, of practicing our multi-platform skills, confirming our safety practices and more.

If you’re joining us for the first time, we would like to extend a full welcome! Please answer a few questions on our Guest Connection CardAfter the service on Zoom, we have informal chat session in our Virtual Coffee Hour — just stay in the Zoom session after service ends. During that coffee hour, you can join our Newcomer Welcome breakout room for a quick introduction to the church and to answer your questions.

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