Racism in America: The Battle Between Democracy and Despotism

First Unitarian Church of Oakland celebrates 150 years!

Our second guest speaker in our month of celebration is Rev. Robert Latham who served as the church’s interim minister from 2000-2002.

Racism in America is a white issue. While it is about human worth, it has generally expressed itself through economics. Its bottom line is a battle between democracy and despotism. Join Rev. Robert Latham as he traces the history of racism in America from our nation’s birth to this moment, using it as a barometer during our worship service. Joyful Noise will open the service. This is a Children’s Chapel Sunday.


Rev. Robert Latham was the Interim Minister of First Unitarian Church of Oakland from 2000-02, during which time, the twin towers in New York were attacked. Rev. Latham also worked with our congregation in his role as Interim District Executive in 2011-2013.