Keeping Current

After a year since reopening, and with our annual congregational meeting coming up on March 19, it’s due time for the office to review and update info about all congregants and especially church membership.

First, if you’ve had any change in your household or contact info–email or home address, home or mobile phone number–please email the info to to make sure you don’t miss any important communication throughout the year. And if you don’t think we have your birth date or your children’s birth dates, please provide that as well, so you can receive any info of special interest to particular age cohorts.

Second, our bylaws state the following about membership and voting at congregational meetings:

  • Sec. 2. In order to be a member (“Member”), a person must sign the membership book maintained by the Church and annually make a pledge of record, or receive a waiver from a Minister consistent with Church policy in the case of financial limitation.
  • Sec. 3. Any Member shall be entitled to vote at any meeting of the membership duly called pursuant to these Bylaws, provided that the Member has signed the membership book by the record date [February 26, 2023].

If you’d like to sign the membership book and officially join this wonderful community, contact If you’d like to pledge your financial support of our mission, click here to complete a pledge form. If you would like to receive a confidential waiver, reach out to Pastor Ninán at And if you have any question about your membership status, our bylaws, etc., please contact or phone 510.893.6129. Thanks for keeping us up to date!