Join The Board!


Board membership is a wonderful and impressive addition to your resume.  While the spiritual rewards to doing all kinds of service for our community are bountiful, you might not have considered how a term on our Board of Trustees can have a very different kind of reward in terms of your working life.  Many people are intimidated at the thought of joining a board, thinking they have to acquire a lot more skills and work experience before they qualify.  Not so!  If you are wondering if you are qualified, ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you love our church?
  • Can you attend our meetings 7-9pm on the last Tuesday of the month?
  • Can you attend 1 or 2 all day meetings on a Saturday per year?
  • Can you read and respond to emails between board members a couple of times per week?
  • Are you serious about your own commitment to inclusion and dismantling oppressive power structures within and beyond our walls?
What you will get in return, apart from a deeper connection to our church, is a wonderful education on policy governance, how a non-profit works, how to effectively discuss budgets and long term finances, how to be responsible to employees and how to have your spirit and justice work show up in the same place.  You will learn these things in loving and patient community.  Plus snacks!   As someone who used to do a lot of hiring, I was always impressed to see board membership on anyone’s resume, especially those of young adults.  It communicates commitment to ideals, a willingness to work and an ability to work on a team to steward policies and visions into life.  If you are interested and have questions about being elected to our Board of Trustees, please contact me, Tara Noone and I can either speak to you myself or arrange for another Board member to speak to you.