Be-ING A Light to Holiday Blues-Sunday, December 23, 2018 at 10:20am

“Be-ING  A Light to Holiday Blues”. For millions of beings in our human circle of kin, the holiday season is racked with regret, grief, sorrow and pain. There is no immediate resolution to personal misery. Let us join together for a 30 minute worship service when we will bless our gifts of socks. Following worship we will deliver the socks wrapped in holiday paper to people living outdoors in our neighborhood with a primary focus on the VA Hospital and Jefferson Park. Please wear your “Side With Love” T-shirts.  After giving away our humble gifts; we will return to Church for a potluck and to share stories and hear from those who went to the VA Hospital and Jefferson Park. During worship our souls will be enlivened by music from pianist Geoff Ullerich. Come, let us be a beacon of light in our neighborhood. This is a Multigenerational Service.