Ministerial Search

Ministerial Search Committee:
We’re Ready to Vote!


Dear Members of the First Unitarian Church of Oakland:
We are about to select our Ministerial Search Committee.  We’ve gathered nominations from the congregation and we are blessed with twelve fine folks who have said “YES” to standing for selection to the Search Committee. They are:
Rinda Bartley, Noemi deGuzman, Charlotte Dickson, Donna Fujioka, Lynn Gallogly, Dan Goss, Brian Joaquin, Linda Propert Sanford, Emily Stoper, Steve Thomasberger, Ben Thompson, Sherry Weston-Vigil.

Their applications can be downloaded or read here SearchCommCandidates

At its regular meeting on Feb 27, the Board of Trustees approved a motion to appoint an additional (8th) member to the Search Committee who is a teenager and has Come of Age in our Church.  The Steering Committee will work with our Rev. Sheri, our Minister for Faith Development, to identify that young person.
When and How Do We Vote?
The vote will take place at our Annual Meeting on March 11, 2018, starting at noon (after the worship service).
Members will receive a written ballot is with names listed in a randomly chosen order.  They will vote for FOUR members of the committee.
At the end of the meeting, the Board of Trustees will meet in executive session to count ballots. The top 4 vote getters will be elected. The board will then appoints 3 others from the names on the ballot. (The appointments are important. They improves the odds of diversity on the search committee. The broader the demographic the better, especially in regards to age, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, areas of participation in the congregation).


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