Speaker: Bill Blakely

What Can One Church Do?

Join Rev. Sheri Prud’homme and Worship Associate Bill Blakely as they share some of the stories from the history of this congregation. It’s amazing what one church can do! On this first Sunday of Black History month, our stories will include some of the ways our church has connected with Black communities. Trente Morant will highlight Ed Kelly, father of Terrence Kelly, and our church’s role in the founding of the Interfaith Gospel Choir. May the stories of those who have gone before inspire us to live into the fullness of possibility in the months and years ahead.

This is a Time for All Ages Service.

“Ah Ha! Ready, Open, Embrace” – One Worship Service at 10:20 AM

“The first of January is another day dawning, the sun rising as the sun always rises, the earth moving in its rhythms.” Ah a new year with new possibilities, are we ready to embrace what may unfold? Please join Rev. Jacqueline, Rev. Sheri, Worship Associate, Bill Blakely as we welcome a new year and dedicate new life with a child dedication ritual. Our children will be with us for the entire service. Joyful Noise will help usher in 2017 and Trente Morant is our pianist. There is ONE worship service at 10:20. Together let us celebrate the arrival of 2017, new life and new possibilities.

Church. What Is That?

The percentage of Americans who say they “seldom” or “never” attend church (aside from weddings and funerals) is up ever so slightly over the past ten years.  So what’s go on?  What has happened to church goers? Join Pastor Jacqueline, Worship Associate Bill Blakely, Board of Trustees member Emily Stoper, Joyful Noise and Musicians Stefan and Friends as we check out what “church” means in the 21 century and look at who is attending. Please bring a friend to share in the good news of First Unitarian Church of Oakland.There will be Children’s Chapel in the Starr King Room and then Spirit Art & Games.