Upcoming Service

Testing Boundaries

Please join this years Balaz Scholar Rev. Tet Gallardo who will focus on privacy. Filipinos have no word for privacy. For 500 years the West without success attempted to introduce the concept of privacy. Especially where people are most needy, boundaries usually blur.  Except in protection of our bodies and safety, most Filipinos will make you feel like you have been friends a hundred years. Most stories with foreigners I’ve known involved a Filipino in Turkey who cooked for a whole hostel out of his hospitality.  A group of illegal immigrant activists in California were taken in by Filipinos in their own homes coming in empty-handed, coming away with sleeping bags and food.  Our secret is in knowing that kindness is never done alone. A whole community is looking after our risks. Music will be offered by pianist Geoff Ullerich and Friends.

This is a Time for All Ages Service.