Speaker: Katrinca Ford

The Wealth in Compost

Avid gardeners Corless Smith and Katrinca Ford team up in the last lay led service of the summer.  Corless shares her thoughts on gardening as a spiritual path while Katrinca considers that part of the life cycle between death and rebirth: Compost!  Susan Keiter provides … read more.

Parable of the Talents: On Christianity and Capitalism

As a religious liberal, we like to tell stories from the bible that support our values of love, equality, and generosity. But what about stories that make us uncomfortable? As Unitarian Universalists, we are inheritors of the Judaeo-Christian bible and all of its stories which, for better or worse, continue to hold power in the modern world. When we distance ourselves from these stories do we rob ourselves of the power to make real change in systems of oppression? Join us as we explore this topic through one of the lesser known parables. Worship leader Katrinca Ford, worship associate Alanna Kelly and musician Denise Blasé will be joined in the pulpit by a local hotel worker who will provide personal testimony on issue facing the working poor today.

Bowlby meets the Buddah

According to John Bowlby, a developmental physiologist who followed attachment, it is key to well being in infancy and the root of long term physiological health. According to Buddhist philosophy attachment is at the root of all suffering. This service will look more closely at these two views of attachment and importance of both holding on and letting go to our spiritual health.

Prepare Your Heart

For many of us the first Sunday in December marks a time of increased frantic activity in preparation for the holidays. Let us come together to pause and consider a different kind of preparation. If the world is indeed full of beauty and grace, full of everyday miracles like the birth of a newborn babe, then what kind of transformation might allow us to soak in the blessings all around us?

Joyful Noise and Crescendo Choir will perform at the 11:20 service and special music by Trente Morant at the 9:20 service.

This is a Time for All Ages service.

Day of the Dead, Dia De Los Muertos

Pastor Jacqueline and Worship Associate Katrinca Ford are joined by long time member Laila Ibrahim as we celebrate Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos). Our children and youth are with us for the entire worship service. Music will be offered by Duck River Band. Please bring your pictures and momentous to add to our community altar. Invite your neighbors and let us all join in celebrating those who are now our ancestors.