Awaken and Move WITH our Relatives for the Earth

For our Earth Day service this year, we honor the earth and the movement of Native peoples, along with many beings around the globe, organizing for justice to protect our planet, the climate and all life. We will open ourselves to how we can respond to this time of great challenge and learn to become co-conspirators. We will explore what it means to join WITH our relatives for our earth. Join Patricia St. Onge, identifies as Haudenosaunee (Mohawk) and French Canadian, and Cheyenne River Lakota. She is an active member of Idle No More. She has spent time at Standing Rock protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Please join guest preacher Patricia St. Onge, Earth Justice Associates Jack Macy and Barbara Atkinson, musical group Half A Dozen and the Other and pianist Geoff Ullerich as we celebrate Earth Day.

There will be Children’s Chapel in the Starr King Room and then Spirit Art & Games.