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There is no away

As the new year rolls in, reflecting on the opportunity for reconciliation and transformation calls us forward. This service invites us to explore what it means to stay connected through struggle and change. What do we do when relationships and covenant are broken? Join … read more.

The Terrible Privilege (and not white privilege per se)

Given the complexity of racial justice in our country, it’s possible than any mention of privilege would lead folks to think of white privilege and whether or not they think that is real. We won’t be specifically focusing on that, but rather, spend time … read more.

Tolling of the Bells

In the beginning of the new year, we care for ourselves and support each other by taking time to honor and remember those we have lost this past year. This Sunday is the annual Tolling of the Bells to honor those who have passed … read more.

Leaning into the Gifts

Enter into the New Year with a resetting of intentions to embrace gratitude, give ourselves and others spaciousness, and lean into appreciating our gifts. Jeffrey Melcher leads the service and we will receive a homily from UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray.

If you’re joining us … read more.