In Our Own Tongues

In the Hebrew scriptures, the story of the Tower of Babel warns against the arrogance that can arise in assuming that we are all speaking the same language and having the same experience. In the Christian Scriptures, the Holy Spirit descends upon a group of people all speaking different languages and allows those present to understand others as though they were speaking in their own language.  What are the differences that make a difference and keep us separated? How can we learn to listen beneath the differences for the meaning that matters? Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae co-leads worship this week with Rev. Tamara Lebak, the former Associate Minister at All Souls in Tulsa. Her current project is writing contemporary Universalist hymns based on the Psalms and she will share this inspiring music ministry with us. Please join Revs. Jeremiah and Tamara, Bonnie Lebak, and Church Musician Renee Winton for this special service. This is a Time For All Ages Service.