“Celebration Sunday”

Please join us for “Celebration Sunday” Sunday, November 11!

This is our Faith on Fire Stewardship 2019 culminating event with Michael Morgan, Music Director of the Oakland Symphony as our guest speaker, and our Crescendo Choir will be offering a special musical program during worship.

There will be a light lunch served after the service in Wendte Hall to celebrate our stewardship efforts and support.

Special thanks to all those who made their pledges early this year and to those of you who have generously raised your pledges by 5% or more toward our collective goal. Our stewardship campaign is off to a fabulous start. Collectively we igniting our faith! Together we can be the change we wish to see.

For more information about our Stewardship Campaign and aspirations check out the Stewardship page under Giving. Or go to this link: https://uuoakland.org/connection/giving/stewardship/

To make a pledge you can do it directly from the FUCO homepage (Scroll down to the green button “Pledge Today” just to the right of the Church Calendar), go to this link: https://uuoakland.org/connection/giving/pledge/ or contact us directly at stewardship@uuoakland.org.