Growing in Love with U(U)

If you’re joining us for the first time, we would like to extend a full welcome! Please answer a few questions on our Guest Connection Card.   * * *

Growing in Love with U(U)
10:30 AM, via Zoom

E.N. Hill will share a short reflection of their process of Unitarian Universalist faith formation. It’s a condensed version of how they opened their heart to UU and was wounded; experienced healing and came to forgive; reconciled and grew to love their chosen community of faith. E.N.’s perspective of this process is based on a theoretical framework presented by Rev. Dr. Howard Thurman in his three series message, “Growing in Love.”  E.N.’s message essentially responds to Thurman; it is a testimony of one person’s experience of how they actually grew in love.

E.N. (pronounced like “Ian”) Hill is a veteran, a scholar, an activist, and an aspiring minister who has served our congregation in many capacities. They recently graduated from Starr King School for the Ministry and will intern at First Unitarian in Ottawa this fall. E.N. intends to re-join the Armed Forces as a Military Chaplain. They are currently living in Florida.

You will need a Zoom link to join. For Zoom details, please email with SUNDAY WORSHIP ZOOM in the subject line. A recording of the worship service will be made and posted on First Unitarian Church of Oakland’s YouTube Channel and Facebook page. If you want to talk about being recorded, please reach out to Pastor Theresa.

Embracing Meditation

A time to share what you’re thinking of with care, embracing meditation will be part of the live Zoom worship at 10:30 AM (see above). If you are unable to join worship but would like to include names or words, please feel free to email Pastor Theresa or text them at 510-473-7686 before 7 PM Saturday, with EMBRACING MEDITATION in the subject line. Please note that Rev. Theresa is unable to check email on Sundays.

Virtual Coffee Hour

Let’s gather for coffee and conversation immediately following worship service! You bring your drink or snack and stay on Zoom. We begin with a couple of sing-along songs. You will need a Zoom link to join. For Zoom details, please email with SUNDAY WORSHIP ZOOM in the subject line.

Summer Events for Children and Youth

Children and youth events will take place on the 2nd and 4th Sundays in July and August. The next children’s chapel, Club UU (6th through 9th grade), and high school youth group will take place on July 26. For more information, contact Nicole Fitzhugh.