“Reimaging and Remaking the World: A Kwanzaa Commitment to an Inclusive Good” A Message From Pastor Jacqueline.

On Sunday, December 30, Members, Friends, and Allies of First Unitarian Church of Oakland celebrated the 5th day of Kwanzaa.  We recognized Nia, the Swahili word for purpose. The pan African definition of Nia is the dedication to the collective vocation of building, developing, and defining our community, its culture, and history.

Our Kwanzaa service centered on congregants responding to a prompt, sharing their stories and writing down highlights on index cards. The prompt was, “remember a time when you joined in community for the purpose of our common good.” Here is some of the collective wisdom that was inspired by our being together and sharing our stories.: “A thing of beauty & power”, “Small but impactful”, “Joyful effort”, “Together we can do more, have more power and we are strong”, “Living today to preserve resources for future generations”, “Cultural understanding”, “Invigorating, sense of solidarity”,“Faith”,“Being an ally”, “Poulter power inspiration”, “Courage”,  “Taking it on, feeling not alone, trust, intention, tears”, “Church.” Thank you all for showing up, taking a risk and participating in beloved community that can change us if we allow it. Ever4ward, Pastor Jacqueline