Join the Board of Trustees!

At our Annual Meeting, two of the four available openings for the 2017-2020 term were filled when Ella Wise and Michelle Ma were elected to the Board. It was remarked at that time that the Board could fill the remaining openings. A closer read of the Bylaws indicates that this is not true. The Board may fill a vacancy created by the resignation or removal of a sitting member, but not in the case of the two unfilled positions. To complicate our situation, Michelle Ma has had to resign.

Your Trustees voted to hold a Special Meeting for the purpose of electing additional members of the Board. The Board is taking this unprecedented step of calling a Special Meeting because we believe that, though this year’s work can be completed with a small “class of 2020,” the long-term effect of having a small cohort would not serve the mission, vision and ends of our church. The 2017-2020 cohort will be the senior and “seasoned” Trustees who will be welcoming a new minister. They will be the ones paving the way for the minister and congregation to serve within, among, and beyond our walls. They will be the ones mentoring and teaching newer Trustees about the spiritual relationship between Board and minister. It is critical that we have a full and fully functioning experienced group.

In the days to come, the Nominating Committee (and some members of the Board) will be inviting congregants to consider serving as Trustees. We want to schedule a Special Meeting for elections as soon as possible, but will only go forward when and if we have candidates.

Now is the time to choose to share your gifts and talents with your beloved church community. If you are ready to commit to serving on the Board, let us know. If you know of people who you think would do a great job, let us know. If not you, who?

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