A Call From Pastor Jacqueline For Mother’s Day Worship Submissions

“Faith-Filled Faces of Mothering” is the worship focus for Sunday May 14, the national day set aside to celebrate those who ‘mother’ us. Pastor Jacqueline is our worship leader for this day. Please bring a framed picture of your Mother(s) or Mother of choice to church and place it on our altar.

If you wish, please email Pastor Jacqueline a few words that answer this question: “Based on your personal understanding of faith, how did your Mother’s relationship to faith, faiths or lack of faith(s) influence your life?” Pastor Jacqueline will create a tapestry of responses and incorporate them in her sermon for Sunday, May 14th. An example of what she is looking for, “My Mother’s faith showed me how to hold the mysteries of life.” “My Mother’s lack of faith set me on the path to humanism.”