Updating Our Bylaws

The congregation will be voting on changes to our Bylaws at the Church’s Annual Meeting (Sunday, 19 March 2017)

The Board of Trustees is recommending a series of changes to our Church Bylaws.  Some of these are pro forma and simply bring us up-to-date, but others are significant enough to warrant discussion.

The Bylaws committee will be holding two meetings for members to gather for comment and discussion of these proposed changes:

January 22, 1:00 PM, 2nd Floor Program Room, and

February 12, 1:00 PM, Starr King Room

Comments can also be made via email by sending them to Laurel Egenberger and Laura Tully. If  you would like to have your comments shared in a “comments section” on this page, please so indicate in your email.

We will collect your comments and discussion points and present them to the Trustees for consideration at the February Board meeting. The final set of recommendations will be made available here and included with the Annual Meeting materials.

Download Changes and Quick Guide

A pdf of the recommended changes is available for download here.  We have also prepared a quick guide which lists the changes and their purpose.

A limited number of the recommendations and guide will be available in hard copy for congregants who are not connected.  (If you are on this web page, please help us save paper and download the document to your device of choice).

[Many thanks to Chris Sutherland who did the great majority of the work on these bylaw changes—but if you have complaints, the Board is responsible].