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Oaklandish Black History

Our celebration of Black History Month continues. What role did historic Oakland, California play in shaping the multicultural, multiracial world that we live and play in? Pianist Geoff Ullerich, Guitarist/Vocalist John Shinnick, Joyful Noise, Worship Associate Lynn Gallogly, Rev. Sheri and Rev. Jacqueline are the co-creators of worship and are expecting you. Our Black History Highlight will lift up the rich music of Mahalia Jackson. Please come with your loved ones and your neighbors. All are welcome.

This is a Time for All Ages service.

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Having Your Say

Destiny Arts under the Artistic Direction of Sarah Crowell will bring our worship focus on Black History to a close. Sarah Crowell, member of Alameda County Women’s Hall of Fame and finalist for a Tony Award of Excellence in Theater Education will join us with a few of the Center’s magnificent dancers to place an exclamation point on our Black History Month Celebration. Destiny Arts exists to end isolation, prejudice, and violence in the lives of young people. Our Black History Highlight will continue to lift up the music and life of Mahalia Jackson. Crescendo Choir, Joyful Noise, Worship Associate Amy Carlson, Rev. Sheri and Rev. Jacqueline will be on hand to greet you.  This is an Inter-generational worship; our youth and children will be with us in both services for the entire worship experience. Please come prepared to have your say on a few questions related to Black History. All are welcome just the way you are.