Supporting the Church in 2021 — A New Plan


What’s new?

For 2021 and going forward, we will renew our commitment to financial support via small sharing circles. Each circle of church members and friends will be assigned to one month during the year. In these circles we will get to know each other (most importantly) and explore the practical and spiritual aspects of money – what it is, what it represents, how we talk about it, how we hold it and use it. We will also explore the connection between our church mission and financial commitment, and support each other in making decisions about our church giving. We will “roll out” this new design in the early months of 2021.


Why are we changing the process?

We’re doing this because 2021 looks like an exciting and challenging time. We will be called upon to explore and live out our core values even more deeply. To support this, our church leaders have decided to improve the fundraising process — both how we pledge and how pledges are recorded and how financial processes are managed. From speaking with the Unitarian Universalist Association, our Pacific Western Region, and other congregations, we expect these positive outcomes:

  • To deepen our understanding of the connections between our core mission, our financial processes, and our giving (as individuals and as a church)
  • To provide financial stability from year to year which will allow thoughtful budgeting and fiscal planning
  • To encourage members to explore their relationship to giving of all kinds, and perhaps other community-building activities


What do we need you to do?

To begin 2021 with a firm knowledge of where we stand financially, please complete the online pledge form to:

  • Make your pledge, and designate it as ongoing (sustaining) or annual. You can change a sustaining pledge at any time, by contacting the Stewardship Team
  • Indicate your preferred payment frequency and method

Click here to make your pledge !Online Pledge Form

If you are unable to use the form or prefer to work with one of of our Stewardship Team members to complete your pledge, please email us at

As always, your contributions of time, treasure and talent are appreciated. We are a congregation fueled by love and the many hands and voices of those who join us on the journey of creating a more just world.

Let’s all make sure the church is financially strong in 2021!

In faith and gratitude,

Your Stewardship Team

For more information please contact us at: