Speaker: Worship Associate Jim Briggs

Not Every Day an Aurora Borealis: Love in a Time of Struggle-Sunday May 5, Worship at 10:20am

Candidate Rev. Theresa Soto has sojourned with the First Unitarian Church of Oakland from Saturday April 27 thru Sunday May 5th. Sunday, May 5th, Rev. Soto will offer their final sermon before the congregation takes a vote to call Rev. Soto as their next settled … read more.

Surrendering to an Artistic Muse Sunday, October 7, 2018 – Worship at 10:20am

“Surrendering to an Artistic Muse.” The word surrender has been given a bad rap. What about surrendering to the transformative, redemptive, and inspiring power of an Artistic muse?  Please join M.J. Westbrook (pencil drawings) and Steve Thomasberger (photography), and Pastor Jacqueline as we explore the … read more.

A Festival of Music!

Join us for a festival of music, poetry and reflections on the impact of music on spirituality and the human condition. Joyful Noise will open the service with their final performance until the autumn and this will be the Crescendo Choir final service of the year! Please join our talented Church Musicians Stefan Schneider and Renee Witon and Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, Rev. Sheri Prud’homme, and Worship Associate Jim Briggs for this special service.  New members will also be welcomed into the church during our Ingathering Ceremony. There will be Children’s Chapel.

The Beloved

The Queen of Months has arrived! Muslims around the globe are observing the holy month of Ramazan—a time of intense fasting, prayer, scriptural study, and charity to draw closer to the divine.  Our music this service will be Qawwali, a Sufi musical tradition from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, and the congregation will join the musicians in zikr, an Islamic devotional practice of remembrance and praise of the One.  We will also bless our seminarians who are leaving for their internships. Please join Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, Worship Associates Jim Briggs and Amanda Smith, guest musicians Jeanne and Murshid Kiran Rana and friends for this special service. This is a Time For All Ages Service.

Lucumi as Liberation Theology

We are joined in worship this week by a special guest minister, Rev. Tamayo, Olosha Efun T’ayo, who is an Afro-Cuban Priestess of Obatala. Rev. Tamayo will explore the origins of the Lucumi tradition and delve deeper into its embodied practices, cultural significance, and relevance in these times. Please join Rev. Tamayo, Worship Associates Kem Tetlow and Jim Briggs, Church Musician Geoff Ullerich and Joyful Noise for this special multireligious worship service! This is a Time For All Ages Service.

“Becoming Ungovernable: Notes for the Resistance”

We are less than 90 days into a new administration, and progressive religious people seem torn between the pragmatic and the prophetic. What stances could we take that are most faithful to the Holy’s call upon our lives? Come and be blessed by the dynamic preaching of Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt, our guest preacher and President of Starr King School for the Ministry. Rev. McNatt will be joined by Worship Associate Jim Briggs and Rev. Jacqueline. Special music will be offered by the duo award winning activist musicians Emma’s Revolution. Of course we will also enjoy Joyful Noise. Please come and experience the blessings of liberal worship. Invite your friends and family. Remember Spring forward, Daylight Savings Time.

This is a Time for All Ages Service.