Speaker: Rev. Theresa Soto

The Homeland of Another People

Weaving various forms of storytelling, guest Kia Bordner will encourage reflection on who we are in relation to others, ourselves, our families, our ancestors, our planet. Our guest soloist for this service will be Kia’s son, Rile Grant, an accomplished young adult musician. Rev. Theresa … read more.

The Good Ones

Join us for worship on the subject of exceptionalism and how it affects our congregation. It turns out that, “[b]uilding the racial stamina required to challenge the racist status quo is . . . a critical part of our work as white people.” – Layla Saad, Me and White Supremacy. Join us to … read more.

What Follows Stillness

In this service, we will encounter the values of Kwanzaa, kujichagulia, self-determination and the intersection with Howard Thurman’s urging that the real work of Christmas comes after Christmas. We look forward to exploring possibilities together. Pastor Theresa is joined by Dick Bailey, Sherry Weston-Vigil, and … read more.