Speaker: Pastor Jacqueline

The Reverend Jacqueline Duhart has a Masters of Divinity from the Starr King School of Ministry and is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister. Prior to moving back to the Bay Area she was a Community Ministerial Intern with Unity Church Unitarian in St. Paul, Minnesota. There she was a pastoral associate with the pastoral care team. Among her primary responsibilities were working with the neighborhood block nursing program called Summit University Living at Home, co-facilitating the church’s anti-racism leadership team, and directing the youth religious education program “Our Whole Lives.”

Rev. Jacqueline has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Social Work from Baylor University and the University of Texas. She spent more than 20 years as a social worker for the U.S. Air Force, where she spent time on the ground as a chaplain in Iraq during the first Gulf War. Rev. Jacqueline has spent many years serving a justice ministry outside of traditional faith. Among her extensive justice work, she was a health educator and community trainer with Standing Together Against Rape in Anchorage, a member of Anchorage Domestic Violence Task Force, and a board member of Planned Parenthood of Alaska where she was instrumental in the 30% increase of funds over a three-year period.

Coming of Age Celebration Service

Come celebrate the 8th-10th graders who completed the rite of passage program this year. They have planned this culminating worship service for the congregation. After spending this year studying the history and principles of Unitarian Universalism, providing community service and learning about leadership and social justice, learning more about themselves, and exploring theology and religion, these five young people will share their credo statements, encapsulating their dearest held beliefs, values, and views on what is most important at this time in their lives.

Church. What Is That?

The percentage of Americans who say they “seldom” or “never” attend church (aside from weddings and funerals) is up ever so slightly over the past ten years.  So what’s go on?  What has happened to church goers? Join Pastor Jacqueline, Worship Associate Bill Blakely, Board of Trustees member Emily Stoper, Joyful Noise and Musicians Stefan and Friends as we check out what “church” means in the 21 century and look at who is attending. Please bring a friend to share in the good news of First Unitarian Church of Oakland.There will be Children’s Chapel in the Starr King Room and then Spirit Art & Games.

Joy & Woe, Bound Together: We Give Thanks

First Unitarian Church of Oakland’s Annual Intergenerational Bread Communion Service.  ONE WORSHIP SERVICE, 10:20. Join Pastor Jacqueline, Rev. Sheri, Worship Associate Lynn Gallingly, Board of Trustee member Lisa Rosene, our partner church minister from Okland Transylvania, Rev. Levente Kelemen, Crescendo Choir and Joyful Noise as we come together as a spirit-filled religious community to share our deep griefs and radiant joys. Our children and youth will be in worship for the entire service. Please invite a family and or your neighbors to join us.  

Signed My Life Away

 When do we sign our names on the dotted line and what are we committing to? Let us come together as a beloved community to explore what/who we serve and what/who we are committed to. In worship we will also remember our veterans.  Join, Pastor Jacqueline, Worship Associate Jeanne Rana, Board of Trustees member Janet MacFarland, Pianist Geoff Ullerich, Jazz Pianist Richard Bruehl, and Joyful Noise as we come together to transform our lives and therefore build the world we long for. Please bring your friends.There will be Children’s Chapel in the Starr King Room and then Spirit Art & Games.

Day of the Dead, Dia De Los Muertos

Pastor Jacqueline and Worship Associate Katrinca Ford are joined by long time member Laila Ibrahim as we celebrate Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos). Our children and youth are with us for the entire worship service. Music will be offered by Duck River Band. Please bring your pictures and momentous to add to our community altar. Invite your neighbors and let us all join in celebrating those who are now our ancestors.

Choir Music Service

Please join Trente Morant, Director of Crescendo Choir, Joyful Noise, Pastor Jacqueline, Worship Associate Bill Blakely and Board of Trustees Member Micheas Herman as we celebrate, weep and wail with music. Trente says,
“Music can lift you
heal you
speak to you
make you dance
make you sing
make you think
make you feel
Come and bring your neighbors and let us make it so.”

There will be Children’s Chapel in the Starr King Room and then Spirit Art and Games on the 2nd Floor.

Turn the Other Cheek

Services at 9:30 and 11:20am

“Turn the Other Cheek”, say what…NEVER! Some may say that to turn the other cheek is a gesture of weakness. Some may say that to turn the other cheek is a gesture of strength.

Join Rev. Jacqueline, Rev. Sheri, Worship … read more.

We Laugh We Cry

Services at 9:30 am & 11:20 am


Let us celebrate the arrival of spring and cheer on those brave souls participating in the Oakland marathon by being together in church. We will explore practices that support our being present in a world where crying and laughing are … read more.

Renewing Our Strength

Only One Service: 11:20am


Hard work, illness, oppression, disappointment, and other intense emotions can all sap us of our strength – often precisely when we need to gather our strength to face what comes next. How can we as people, and we as communities, renew our … read more.