“The Deep Well of Welcome, Water Communion”, One Service ONLY at 10:20

September 10, 2017, “The Deep Well of Welcome, Water Communion”.  Members, friends, allies and guest of First Unitarian Church of Oakland welcome to the opening/ welcoming ritual of our 2017-2018 program church year.  Each program church year begins with our annual Water Communion. The ritual reminds us of our covenant to constantly be about the sacred task of welcoming each other and nurturing beloved community. Join Pastor Jacqueline, Rev. Sheri, and Worship Associate Amy Carlson, Board of Trustees member Lisa Rosene, Joyful Noise and Crescendo Choir as WE dive into the “Deep Well of Welcome” and co-mingle our waters. Please bring a small sample of water from a sacred place that you visited this summer.  This sacred place may be as close as your backyard.  In worship we will introduce your entire church office staff. During hospitality hour, that immediately follows worship, we will celebrate our beloved community with cake. Our worship service is 10:20. Come to church, bring a friend and celebrate our rich religious/spiritual community