Sharing the Mission: Ea, A Planet: Embracing Grief, Hope, and Active Change

Shanah tovah! (Hebrew for Happy New Year!) We have a deep need to grieve and attone as we start a new cycle. This is the most powerful time in history for a global eco-consciousness for Western-Euro culture. WE must atone, grieve the loss of the planet we once knew, and enter a new cycle with a fierce hope to actively embrace the possibilities. WE must do it TOGETHER! And we will sing and dance along the way.

If you’re joining us for the first time, we would like to extend a full welcome! Please answer a few questions on our Guest Connection Card.

After the service, we have informal chat session in our Virtual Coffee Hour — just stay in the same Zoom session after service ends. During that coffee hour, you can join our Newcomer Welcome breakout room for a quick introduction to the church and to answer your questions.