Ruth and Naomi: A Path Toward Reconciliation and Redemption, Sunday Worship at 10:20

 Ruth and Naomi: A Path Toward Reconciliation and Redemption. Myths and folktales these forms of storytelling can reveal to us truths about ourselves and our culture that can be difficult to face. One such story is that of Naomi and Ruth; Naomi a refugee from a land in famine; Ruth a foreign immigrant who changes the history of the Jewish people forever. This story invites its hearers to question xenophobic nationalism. This story reveals to us the consequences of toxic masculinity symbolized in the form of famine. It also shows us the path to redemption through opening and awakening to the other and through sacred marriage. Please join us as we boldy and tenderly explore what this story has to tell us today. Music will be offered by Richard Bruehl. Our song leader is Susan Keiter. Our children will be blessed by Children’s Chapel. All are welcome.