Prosperity: What Does the Hindu Tradition Have to Teach Us About Renewal?

Join worship leader Tara Miller and worship associate Kem Tetlow as they explore the Hindu tradition of Varalakshmi Vrat.  Mahalakshmi grants our wishes, or varas, with the response “So be it!” or “Tathastu!”

With purity of heart and sincerity we will explore the 4th priciple and appropriate “wisdom from the world’s religions to inspire us in our ethical and spiritual life,” through chant, song, story and dance.

What wishes of prosperity and renewal do we have for ourselves, our church community, the community outside our doors, our borders,confined by poverty and behind bars? What practices are we willing to embody to bring focus and devotion to make our varas manifest?

Service will  include a special presentation, “Sights and Sounds” by photographer Cathy Cade and musician Geoff Ullerich.