I’ll make the choice to hear that voice / And do the next right thing

We are so delighted to have with us the Reverend Yadenee Hailu. Rev. Hailu will bring us themes of hope and expectation. Welcome, Rev. Hailu. She will be joined by the Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation team, Stefan Schneider, one of the lead church musicians, Vincent Raines, worship producer, and others. We look forward to sharing this time with you.

Rev. Yadenee Hailu (she/her) is a community minister in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From her mixed-culture childhood she developed a sensitivity to patterns as a way to seek traces of the divine. She hopes to uplift these whispers of truth and beauty so we may all be reminded again and again of the ways back to our purpose and nature through healing.

Everyone is invited to stay for informal conversation at virtual coffee hour immediately after worship service. We begin with a couple of sing-along songs, and everyone has an opportunity to check in. Have a drink or snack ready, if you wish!

To request information on how to join this upcoming virtual worship service, send an email to yesplease@uuoakland.org with SUNDAY WORSHIP in the subject line.

Did you miss last Sunday? You can watch “Everyday Healing” on YouTube

Events for Children and Youth on December 6

High School Youth Group Activities

  • 12:00 to 1:00 PM. The high school youth group are taking a deep dive into our UU 7 principles. This Sunday we’ll take a look at the 3rd Principle, “Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregation.” As usual, we’ll have a time of check-in and a time of centering/grounding. Hope to see you there! Contact Amy or Alex for information on how to join in.
  • 1:30 to 3:00 PM. Join UU Livermore for games and silliness over Discord. Contact Alex for sign-in information.

Children’s Chapel and Club UU will return next week.