Finding The Light in Each/Other’s Eyes: The Miracle of Connection and New Member Ingathering

As we approach the first night of Chanukah, we will reflect on the miracles of faith, hope, and perseverance against seemingly bleak odds. Just as the Maccabees experienced the joy and relief of a menorah that only held oil for one night yet endured for eight, we will celebrate the miraculous journey of discovery that happens when we find the yet untapped resources we need to not only survive, but thrive.

During this service, we will also be holding our Winter Ingathering to Celebrate the new members that have joined us since June and continue our dedication to supporting Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU) with a plate share in which we hope to meet our commitment of raising at least a $3,000 total for BLUU in this calendar year. (So far, we have raised $2,100.)

In preparation for the holidays, we are asking everyone to bring donations of socks for the homeless. Please wrap the socks in festive holiday paper. We will collect socks for the next four Sundays Dec. 2,9,16, and 23rd. During our worship service on December 23rd, we will bless the socks and then deliver them to the encampments near Jefferson Park and the VA hospital.

Please join Pastor Jacqueline, Rev. Sheri Prud’homme, Worship Associate Amanda Smith, Musician Geoff Ullerich and Vocalists Joci Kelleher and Susan Keiter for this service of connection and reflection. This is a Time for All Ages Sunday.