Blessings of Faith IN Action: Annual Flower Communion, Sunday, May 19 – Worship at 10:20

Blessings of Faith IN Action: Annual Flower Communion Service. Nurturing a space for radical inclusion, growing hearts to embrace wonder & mystery, experiencing transformative ancient rituals in the context of NOW, feeling diverse music & dance as sacred text, & doing our part to heal Mother Earth from the toxicities of human greed – these are a few of the faithful actions that make Church. Come & be moved by our annual Flower Communion. Please bring a flower to represent what is & the seeds of what is yet to be. Take home a flower to remind you of a beloved Church community that aspires to be a source of the changes we long for. Jim Briggs will serve as Worship Associate, Rev. Sheri & Pastor Jacqueline are the clergy leads. Music offered by Joyful Noise Band & Crescendo Choir. This is a multi-generational service. All are welcome and all are worthy.