2017-2018 Schedule and Registration

We are offering three OWL programs in 2017-2018 for children in grades K-1, 4-5, & 7-9. At this time priority will be given to children & families of church members and attendees, but space may be available for interested families of the larger community. Please contact Nicole Fitzhugh, Coordinator for Children and Family Ministries, to enquire about availability.


OWL programs are led by trained volunteers from the congregation. Every OWL program begins with a required meeting between parents and the teachers to familiarize parents with the materials and to help parents engage with the material themselves. OWL encourages discussion and conversation between parents and children in an open, supportive fashion. The first session has parents attend with their children, and often the programs end with an all-family session.

K-1 OWL:

This section supports parents in educating children about birth, babies, bodies and families. The nine sessions engage children with stories, songs and activities and include a weekly homework project for parents and children to do together to promote dialogue between parent and child. This class is taught by Becky and Jeff Leyser. Becky is a graduate of Starr King School of Ministry and she and her husband are long time UUOakland members. Contact them at becky@leyser.org.

4-5 OWL:

This section helps children in Fourth and Fifth Grade gain the knowledge, life principles, and skills they need to understand and express their sexuality in holistic, life-enhancing ways. Children are introduced to key topics like values, body image, gender and sexual identity, peer pressure, and healthy relationships with sensitivity and inclusiveness. This eight-session class is taught by Susan Killebrew and Charles Masten, both long time UUOakland members.

7-9 OWL:

Our preteen curriculum, like the previous programs, contains activities that help the children clarify their own values and improve their decision-making skills within a safe and supportive peer group. It focuses on the acceptance of diversity, and inclusive sexuality education with a social justice approach. This curriculum has updated content addressing body image, social media/internet, bullying/bystander responsiblities, and consent education. The 7-9 OWL program has two off-site retreats to strengthen the relationships between the youth and promote the creation of a safe space in which to discuss the content. This deeply comprehensive program covers 18 weeks, including the retreats. This class is taught by Katrinca Ford, Jordan Stephens, Hilary Near, and Amy Carlson. Katrinca Ford is an MFT and long member of UUOakland; Jordan, Hilary, and Amy are more recent members active in the Young Adult community at our church.


Session Schedules and Costs:

All sessions will be held on Sundays at First Unitarian Church of Oakland (except for the Gr. 7-9 Retreats, which are off-site.) Costs cover teacher training and the retreats for Gr. 7-9 participants.


  • Required Parent Only Orientation: 12/10/17; 1 – 2:30pm
  • Required Parent and Child Orientation: 2/4/18; 12 – 2:30pm
  • Sunday Sessions: 2/18, 2/25, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25, 4/8, 4/15, 4/22; 9-10am
  • Families are encouraged to attend the final session on 4/22

$50 for pledging church members and $150 for non-pledging friends.

There is a 50% discount for the second child in the family attending any of the three programs.


  • Required Parent Orientation Meeting, 1/7/18; 11:45am – 12:45pm
  • Session Schedule: 1/21,1/28, 2/4, 2/11, 2/25, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18; 10:20am – 11:30pm
  • (No session on 2/18)

$50 for pledging church members and $150 for non-pledging friends.


  • Required Parent Orientation Meeting, 12/3/17; 5 – 7pm
  • First Retreat: 1/12 – 1/14, Friday evening through Sunday morning, off-site
  • Session Schedule: 1/21 – 5/27; 11:45am – 2pm 
  • Final Retreat: 6/1 – 6/3, Friday evening through Sunday morning, off-site
Attendance Requirements:

In addition to the Parent Orientation, participating families agree to have the youth attend both retreats and at least 13 sessions.


$300 for pledging church members and $500 for non-pledging friends. The increased cost covers the extended length of the program and the two off-site retreats.

How to register and pay:

2018 OWL Registration is now closed.