Our Assessment Team Report Available here

“This report is a sacred document.” — The Rev. Chris Long, February 2019

In December 2018, the Journey Towards Wholeness Transformation Team-sponsored Assessment Team completed its major audit of the church’s status as an anti-racist and multicultural institution.  We’re delighted to announce that the report is being released and is available for download here.  It’s about our congregation and the ways the church community works together, so it’s for the use of all church groups, members, friends, and others who have an interest in it.

The team began the audit (assessment) in August 2017.  After interviewing many congregational groups, teams, committees, and some individual current and former members, the Team’s final effort was to write a report that included many recommendations focused on making more progress.  The Board of Trustees has now endorsed the report.  The one being released widely now is called the Second Edition.

The Assessment Team (originally 9 members, then 7 at completion) invites you to read the whole report, any of the three major sections, or twenty-plus subsections.  If you’re primarily interested in what the report says about a particular group you can find that group’s name in the Table of Contents and go right to that part.  The report is 60+ pages long including its appendices, but we invite you to approach it in whatever manner suits your interest and time.  You may find the Invitation and Executive Summary, the first two pages inside the cover, helpful if you want to get a sense of the report and read about what it covers.

For those who need or would prefer to read the report on paper, we will provide paper copies by request.  Please send such requests by email to the JTW Team at jtw@uuoakland.org, or speak with a JTW member (Donna Fujioka, Noemi deGuzman, Heather MacLeod, and Dennis Rowcliffe).  Assessment Team members (who may be contacted as a group at assessmentteam@uuoakland.org) are identified in the Introduction section of the report, and they could also help respond to print requests or to other report-related questions.