The Community Connections Team (CCT) works to welcome our visitors, connect newcomers to the congregation, help people along the path to membership, and deepen the connections among our existing members and friends.  We also work to improve communications among congregants and with our church groups.  This work helps sustain and grow our congregation, supporting our various ministries and programs, while fostering a more meaningful experience for members, friends and newcomers.

Community Connections Activities

  • Manage the Greeting Table before Sunday service, and Welcome Table during coffee hour. (on hold during Covid)
  • Reach out to visitors & newcomers, helping them learn about and connect into our church.
  • Help conduct the monthly Orientation to Membership classes. (hope to move online during Covid)
  • Assist ministers with the semi-annual New Member In-Gathering services. (postponed due to Covid)
  • Organize the annual church-wide Connections Fair to help people learn about our ministries & programs.
  • Produce brochures & handouts about our church, ministries & programs.
  • Help church groups develop their web pages & other online tools.
  • Assist the church office with congregational record-keeping & communications.

The Community Connections Team

  • Congregants — Maria Bielass, Clark Sanford, and Leslie Brandt
  • Church Staff — Rev. Theresa Soto

You can contact the team at

Opportunities to Get Involved

  • Join us to greet people before service at the Greeting Table. (on hold during Covid)
  • Help break the ice with newcomers at the Welcome Table during coffee hour after service. (on hold during Covid)
  • Attend an Orientation to Membership class to help newcomers learn about our church. (hope to move online during Covid)
  • Help with producing brochures and maintaining our online communication tools.
  • Help to do outreach calls & emails to visitors & newcomers.
  • Help with our next In-Gathering service.  Typically in December & June. (postponed due to Covid)
  • Help with our next Connections Fair.  Typically in January, but may have a second in September.
  • Or bring us your own ideas to help create the community you want here at church!

Other Resources

  • Sunday Greeter Guidelines
  • Signup to help with Sunday Greeting or Welcome Tables